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Classes + Certifications

Courses Taught

My teaching experiences span a variety of institutions (large public universities, high-intensity research institutions, and small liberal arts colleges). I primarily teach undergraduate coursework on Communication, media studies, platform studies, and critical/cultural studies. At Seton Hall, I advise graduate students and am an active member of the Department of Communication, Media, and the Arts' Master's and Thesis Project Committee. I've taught in several modalities (face-to-face, online synchronous, and online asynchronous) and have experience with two learning management systems, Brightspace and Canvas. Finally, I'm trained in forensic performance and serve as an Assistant Coach and dramaturge of Seton Hall's nationally-ranked Brownson Speech and Debate Team, where I support students in preparing for competition in rhetorical analysis and performance events. 

Courses taught at Seton Hall University (South Orange, NJ)

COMM 2625: Public-Presentational Speaking [Fall 2023, Spring 2024]

COMM 3201: Special Topics-Communication Technologies & Society [Spring 2024]

COST 1600: Oral Communication [Fall 2023, Spring 2024]

Courses taught at Chatham University (Pittsburgh, PA)

COM 313: Social Movements and Social Media [Spring 2023]

Courses taught at McMaster University (Hamilton, ON)

CMST 1A03: Introduction to Communication [Fall 2019, Winter 2022]

CMST 2TM6: Foundations of Communication Theory and Research Methods [Fall 2021]

CMST 3CH3: History of Communication Technologies [Winter 2020]

CMST 3CP3: Communications Professionalization [Fall 2020, Winter 2021]

Courses taught at the Univesity of South Florida (Tampa, FL)

COM 2000: Introduction to Communication [Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Summer 2018]

SPC 2608: Public Speaking [Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Summer 2019]


To complement my pedagogical practice, I've completed a series of certifications, trainings, and other professionalization programs. 

Trainings completed at McMaster University

Professor Hippo-On-Campus Mental Health Certification [Winter 2022]

EDUC 600: Essential Skills In Teaching + Learning [Winter 2022]

EDUC 750: Principles + Practices of University Teaching [Winter 2022]

Anti-Oppression Teacher Assistant Training [Fall 2021]

CSMA Teacher Assistant Training [Fall 2019]

Trainings completed at the University of South Florida

SPC 2608 New Instructor Pedagogy Seminars [2018-19]

Title IX Mandatory Reporter Training [Fall 2017 & Fall 2018]

UndocuALLY Certification [Fall 2017]

IDS 5922: Preparing for College Teaching [Fall 2017]

IDS 5921: Teacher Assistant Training [Fall 2017]

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