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Classes + Certifications

Courses Taught

My teaching experiences span a variety of institutions (large public universities, high-intensity research institutions, and small liberal arts colleges). I primarily teach undergraduate coursework on Communication, media studies, public relations, and cultural studies. I've taught in several modalities (face-to-face, online synchronous, and online asynchronous) and have experience with two learning management systems, Brightspace and Canvas.

Courses taught at Chatham University (Pittsburgh, PA)

COM 313: Social Movements and Social Media [Spring 2023]

Courses taught at McMaster University (Hamilton, ON)

CMST 1A03: Introduction to Communication [Fall 2019, Winter 2022]

CMST 2TM6: Foundations of Communication Theory and Research Methods [Fall 2021]

CMST 3CH3: History of Communication Technologies [Winter 2020]

CMST 3CP3: Communications Professionalization [Fall 2020, Winter 2021]

Courses taught at the Univesity of South Florida (Tampa, FL)

COM 2000: Introduction to Communication [Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Summer 2018]

SPC 2608: Public Speaking [Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Summer 2019]


To complement my pedagogical practice, I've completed a series of certifications, trainings, and other professionalization programs. 

Trainings completed at McMaster University

Professor Hippo-On-Campus Mental Health Certification [Winter 2022]

EDUC 600: Essential Skills In Teaching + Learning [Winter 2022]

EDUC 750: Principles + Practices of University Teaching [Winter 2022]

Anti-Oppression Teacher Assistant Training [Fall 2021]

CSMA Teacher Assistant Training [Fall 2019]

Trainings completed at the University of South Florida

SPC 2608 New Instructor Pedagogy Seminars [2018-19]

Title IX Mandatory Reporter Training [Fall 2017 & Fall 2018]

UndocuALLY Certification [Fall 2017]

IDS 5922: Preparing for College Teaching [Fall 2017]

IDS 5921: Teacher Assistant Training [Fall 2017]

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